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وزارة الإدارة المحليــة والبيئة - محافظة القنيطرة - الامانة العامة
Compensation for damages
Compensation for damage to private property affected by attacks

تقييم الخدمة
Service Description

In order to start obtaining the service, it is necessary to:

  1. organize police control of damage to private property / house - car - shop - private establishment ..
  2. And then the competent municipality to inspect it
  3.  then go to the technical office in the General Secretariat and transfer the papers to the legal affairs of the province to study and verify its validity
  4. The Sub-Committee for the Governorate shall then be referred to the problem and then to the Ministry of Local Administration to monitor the necessary compensation

Service Documents
  • mandatory copy of : The police have verified the existence of damage to private property exposed to armed terrorist attacks and extracted by the police station concerned
  • mandatory copy of : A document showing that the private property belongs to the applicant
  • copy of - : Copy of the personal identity of the owner of the affected private property
  • : Sensory disclosure from the committee concerned with the administrative unit indicating the status of the affected private property and the value of the damage to it
  • : Application form for compensation for damages to be filled by the victim

Service Fees
  • : Judicial fees for the presentation of the public prosecutor's office to write police regulations from the concerned department
  • -:


The applicant for damages must be a member of the governorate of Quneitra and resides within the administrative boundaries with the required documents for the private property affected as a result of armed terrorist gang attacks

service Calsses
  • Citizen

Avarage process time in days
30 Work Day

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